Establishment, Rehabilitation and Activation of Eight Women's Centers in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank - Report of the Final Evaluation

Cover page Saudi-funded evaluation project publication
Amer Madi and Shawkat Sarsour; Editors: Odate Hannah, Heba Zayyan

In 2010, UN women initiated a project for the “Establishment, rehabilitation and activation of eight women centres in the Gaza Strip and West Bank”. The goal was to improve Palestinian women’s social and economic situation by offering a wide range of service that were hard to reach such as: legal aid; psycho-social help; educational services; vocational trainings; rehabilitation of infrastructures; capacity development opportunities; among others, contributing to meeting women’s needs and achieving social and economic security in remote areas.

The final evaluation report analyzes and assesses the achievements of the project, particularly in improving capabilities of vulnerable groups of women in the Palestinian society so that they become capable of coping with their situation and active agents in seeking change. Through the review of the different outcomes of the project, from the building and rehabilitation of centres to the creation of job opportunities or the building of managerial capacities, the report analyze achievements, challenges and opportunities created throughout the project and way to develop them further.

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Subject areas: Economic empowerment
Resource type(s): Evaluation reports
UN Women office publishing: Palestine Country Office
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