Civil Society Advisory Group

The establishment of the UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group - announced at the 56th Commission on the Status of Women – is a translation of UN Women’s belief in strong and effective engagement with civil society for the realization of its goals. In line with the global initiative, the UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group in the occupied Palestinian territory was established in October 2012.

In the oPt, the Civil Society Advisory Group is envisioned as a forum of exchange of views, ideas and perspectives between UN Women Special Representative and Palestinian civil society representatives on priorities and interests within the Palestinian context. The group plays a central role in 1) providing strategic perspective on advocacy issues and UN Women thematic areas; 2) assisting to strengthen UN Women’s engagement with civil society at all levels; and 3) supporting, as necessary, UN Women’s partnership with civil society in relevant processes and fora.

The oPt Civil Society Advisory Group draws its membership from individuals and organizations of diverse developmental and human right perspectives and diverse experience and expertise, which includes grassroots experience, gender equality networks, women’s organizations, academia, as well as NGOs and CBOs. Members serve for a period of two years.

The UN Women CSAG is composed of the following representatives:

  • Sawsan Salameh, from the Anata SABAYA Centre, on behalf of SABAYA centres
  • Hania Bitar, Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership And Rights Activation (PYALARA), on behalf of youth organizations
  • Nina Attalah, Al Haq, on behalf of the Palestinian Council for Human Rights
  • Sabah Salameh, Women’s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC), on behalf of the Al Muntada Forum to Combat Violence Against Women
  • Rafat Jamil, Network of Experiential Palestinian Tourism Organizations (NEPTO)
  • Haneen Zaidan, Rural Women Development Society (RWDS), on behalf of the Palestinian NGO Network
  • Basma Albattat, General Federation of Trade Unions, on behalf of the National Committee for Women’s Employment
  • Abedelmomem Tahrawy, Palestinian Centre for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDR), on behalf of the Amal Coalition to Combat Violence Against Women
  • Mariam Zakout Culture and Free Thought Association (CFTA), on behalf of WESAL 1325 network
  • Sharif Al Sharif, on behalf of youth/Gaza (nominated by the members of the CSAG)
  • Beesan Jaber, on behalf of youth/West Bank (nominated by the members of the CSAG)