Increased Accountability in Financing for Gender Equality

Through this programme, which is funded by the European Union, UN Women supports the Palestinian Government’s gender-responsive planning and budgeting efforts so that Palestinian women and men benefit more equally from national public policies, related aid and domestic resources. The programme intends to improve aid effectiveness, building capacities for increased accountability on the use of domestic resources and aid allocation for the realization of gender and women’s empowerment’s commitments.  UN Women provides support to the planning and budgeting teams in key line ministries, so that relevant gender strategic objectives are included in their respective plans and budgets.  In cooperation with partner organizations, UN Women works towards building the capacities of civil society and women’s organizations, parliamentarians and media to monitor budget allocations, track expenditures, and demand accountability for increased financing for gender equality by the Palestinian Government and donors.

Gender Mainstreaming Initiative

Through this initiative, funded by the Government of Iceland, UN Women supported the Palestinian Government in mainstreaming gender into the national planning and budgeting systems, so as to ensure that the 2014-2016 national plan and sectoral strategies responded to the needs of different social groups, especially women. UN Women provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in the review of the Cross-Sectoral National Gender Strategy 2011-2013 and the development of the new Cross-Sectoral Gender Strategy 2014-2016, which sets the gender equality’s strategic priorities and objectives.  UN Women also worked for the first time with the Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development (MoPAD) to directly support the effective integration of gender throughout the Palestinian National Development Plan 2014-2016. Finally, as part of its gender advisory function to the UN system, UN Women played a key role in supporting the development of a gender-responsive United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), aligned with national priorities of the Palestinian Government.