Press release: UN Women Palestine announces the youth members of the Gender Innovation Agora- Palestine (GIA)- Palestine Chapter


UN Women Palestine GIA members.

Palestine, 10 January 2021 - UN Women Palestine announced the first cohort of Gender Innovation Agora (GIA) a consultative forum and platform for regular dialogue and advocacy around gender with youth in Palestine. 31 young leaders from Palestine were selected for their leadership and demonstrated contribution to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

The GIA is constituted from youth advocates, civil society professionals, business innovators and social media influencers to provide expertise on youth and gender issues, inform innovative solutions and campaigns, encourage the mobilization of young people and facilitate the dissemination of information to networks and organizations around Palestine.

UN Women’s Palestine Office Special Representative, Maryse Guimond, welcomed the announcement of the new cohort, remarking that “working with youth is one of the critical drivers for accelerating progress on gender equality. UN Women Palestine Office is proud to work with the selected young men and young women and empower them as partners in achieving gender equality.” 

Selected from over 60 applications, the new GIA members will support efforts to engage young people, feminist movements, civil society and students in the Generation Equality movement to develop initiatives support the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 5: achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Selected Candidates for 2021 cohort:

Ahmed Yasin

Khaled Abu Jame

Alaa F Ashour

Khalil Salem Abu Lehia

Areen Muaddi

Lama Jamil Al-Haj Aref

Aya Alzebda

Mohamad Abu Samra

Ayah Abu Mayaleh

Mustafa Al-qut

Bilal Ghrouf

Nadeen Kort

Bissan A. Ouda

Osama Naim


Saif Hamarsha

Enas Abu Sitta

Samar Saleh Thawabteh

Enas Dajani

Sarah Elmzainy

Euday Alhasanat

Suhaib Abdat

Farah MI Selmi

Suzan M. Attallah

Fouad Hisham Abdel Aziz Abu Fannouneh

Tamara Altibi

Hanin Abu Ghosh

Tamara Malouf

Haya Mohammad

Yasmin Attoun

Izz Aljabari


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